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Do you have a room that you want to rent out to students?

This page will walk you through a few easy steps to successfully put up your room on our online service.

The average price charged depends on the area:

DUBLIN PRICES: €100 – €150

GALWAY PRICES: €90 – €120

CORK PRICES: €80 – €140


If you have any queries or technical difficulties, please fill out the form below or contact We will respond as soon as we can.

Thank you!

Please note that if you your rent-a-room income may have impact on you means-tested social welfare payments.

If you are receiving an allowance or non-contributory pension you will be affected by your rent-a-room income.

If you are receiving a benefit or contributory pension – you won’t be affected by your new income.

With regard to Back to Education Allowance, it depends what sort of social payments you were receiving before BTEA. Rules as above apply.

For more information, please constant Citizen Information on 076 107 4000.

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